bring it around town.

25 09 2009

Earns Rite Aidok. so i’m coming around to rite aid. all the mommies have been talking about the gift of savings program going on, and having recently had a few rite-aid runs… i thought i might broaden my horizons and give it a go before i accidentally threw the receipts away.  basically, for every X amount of money you spend at rite aid between 9/13 and 10/17, you get Y amount of money back on a rite aid gift card.

so i toddled myself over there with my two receipts and signed up (which also automatically signs you up for their single check rebate program). took about 2 minutes (if that), and entering my receipts into the system took another additional 30 seconds. user friendly. what i found out that’s totally awesome though- the thing that closed the deal on my new found love for rite aid, is that the totals were BEFORE COUPONS (including rite aid online & in-ad coupons). so even though i only spent about $19 in cash money, i actually had $52 dollars worth of qualifying purchases. woot! i’m already getting a $10 gift card with absolutely no effort. now it’s a challenge to see if i can bump that up to $20 (need to purchase over $100) by 10/17. i can feel my position on the SCR program softening.  must review the circular.



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