money diary day 1. oops.

29 09 2009

silhouettesthere were definite highs and lows to my first day of journaling my spending:

up: i put back that $7 bra at the forever 21 that i hadn’t even tried on, and that looked totally impractical. i didn’t buy any snack food. i found $.12 on the ground near the courthouse. 

down: i’ve been daydreaming about this set of silhouettes that i saw a month ago when i was on my birthday trip in searsport. i didn’t buy them in the moment… i’m not sure why. but today i broke down and bought them over the phone. i most definitely want them. and am excited for them to arrive… but i also don’t necessarily have $50 extra in my budget… plus i had to pay $7 extra for shipping. 

non-essential expenditures: $44.80 for silhouettes & $5.84 at rite aid for great deals that i could donate or use but probably didn’t need. = $50.64

essential expenditures: $200 to macy’s (paying off my sofa). $50 birthday gift for very excellent friend. =$250

earned: $.12 street change.

total= $300.52 oops. better tomorrow.



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