weekend economy.

29 09 2009

cheeriosi don’t exactly need cereal right now, but i did get a couple of totally sweet cheerios coupons in the mail on saturday. $1 or more /1 coupons off cereal are basically the golden door to never having to pay more than $.99 a box for premium cereals. i’ve been noticing that the freebies seem to be pretty lame these days, i haven’t signed up for one in over a week. even when it’s just a tiny sample, if it’s not something that i generally want to try- or want a coupon for, then i don’t bother. and right now, soy-nut butter and foot ointment just aren’t doing it for me.

the fliers this week were kind of bunk. not a thing to be found at hannaford, and i decided to skip the vaseline lotion deal at cvs because i don’t really use body lotion, and i don’t really think that the preble street resource center  is really that concerned about dry elbows. i’ve been watching a lot of the hoarders on a&e, it’s terrifying me into trying to be more careful about what i bring into my house.

i’ve also been thinking a lot about the state of my economy, and trying to break my habits of pecking away at my funds with snacking and impulse purchases. i tried hard this week to choose foods that will keep me from straying to my local convenience store (like bottled poland spring water so i can stop buying vitamin waters whenever i’m  thirsty in the car). also, shaws had some really good deals this week that fit the bill pretty well:

092709decided to forego the walmart shop this week and stay in town instead. the sopo shaw’s had some pretty good 10/$10 deals this week.  i stocked up on these sabra hummus snack packs with pretzel chips (very delicious also). the little containers are pretty cute. i think i might refill them with other jazz (peanut butter & celery, or cucumbers & taziki?) once they’re gone. or i might be lazy and buy more… but at least they’re cheap. also got a couple of odwalla bars to help me combat post-pilates pre-dinner hunger that causes me to grossly overeat, and 2 boxes on ronzoni healthy harvest pasta for $1 each. i had a $1/2 printable, so $.50 each is pretty good . the real centerpieces of the grocery shopping experience for me this week were a couple of $off bonus coupons from the weekly flyer, and one from a healthy harvest coupon book that i received in the mail. 

deal #1. $4/ $10 worth of select general mills products. it would have been amazing if i had $1/1 coupons for everything (or $.50 coupons that could be doubled)… but all i had were 2 $1/2 coupons for the 4 boxes of nature valley granola bars. still, $1 a box is good stuff.

deal #2. $4/$15 from the wild harvest area. i bought baby spinach @ $3.99, 2 odwalla bars @ $1/ea., 2 bags of veggie booty for $2/ea., and 2 boxes of kashi crackers for $3/ea…. i used a $1.50/2 kashi snack coupon, and a $1/2 booty coupon… bringing the whole shebang to about $9.50. which for  natural food section goods, is pretty damn good.

i think that maybe a lot of other people are able to save more at the checkout than i do, but i also don’t eat a lot of processed foods… and i don’t buy meat- which makes things a little trickier. i also don’t ever have more than 2 sets of coupons at a time. maybe there are more dramatic saving websites hosted by at-homers with unlimited time and  coupons… but i like to think that i represent a more moderate view. possibly a more realistic view?



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