money diary day 3. stuffed.

1 10 2009

tBlueSpoonRestaurantoday was a big spending day of the mostly essential purchase variety, with a small (but very delicious detour). finally had to give the boyfriend the $15 from yesterday, which i picked up at the rite aid along with my $17.87 (after tax) of granola bar and zyrtec. post-pilates i met a friend for dinner at my very favorite east-end restaurant, the blue spoon, and vacuumed up 2 cocktails (try the “bees knees”, it’s life-altering) and an order of the hand-rolled linguini w/mushrooms & truffle oil. my friend is leaving for CA (hopefully not forever Jenna!) next week, so i picked up her part of the tab as well (a prudent single drink & beet salad). $49.20. 

essential expenses: $5 gas money, and $16.99 for the zyrtec. i also paid my credit cards- $435, and one of my student loans $50.

non-essential expenses: $10 for yesterday’s grilled cheese and onion rings at fat boy, $.88 for the granola bar, and $49.20 for blue spoon deliciousness. 

earned: $14.00 SCRs from rite aid, and $.01 found on the ground. 

total damage: $553.06



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