1 10 2009

zyrtec freebiei have debilitating environmental allergies and asthma. thanks dad! a few things i’m allergic to (in addition to good old fashioned hay fever) are:

cats, rabbits (including & especially angora sweaters), birch trees, grass, dust mites, pollen… basically, it’s tough for me to exist in the world comfortably without a daily allergy medication. (my boyfriend makes a lot of jokes about needing to keep me in a bubble). anyway, i found zyrtec almost 10 years ago when it was still prescription, and i had a several year long bout with chronic hives (worst. thing. ever.). anyway, now i take one every single day (2-3 if i’m going to be in an allergy-rich environment), and it’s expensive as hell. about $30 a bottle for 45 pills without a coupon at a regular drug store or supermarket. usually, i buy it at sam’s club (where you get 75 pills for about $30), but thanks to moms need to know via money saving mom (i know, but the mommies know their shit), i found out how to get 45 pills for $2.87. SOLID.

usually, 45 pills at rite aid go for $29.99, but this week  they’re on sale for $24.99.  i bought the pills & an $.88 granola bar to tip me over the $25  ($25.87 to be exact) mark, so i could use the $5/$25 that i lifted from here, which brought me down to $19.99. then i added a $4 off coupon from some RedPlum past, which made my out of pocket $16.87 before tax. now, there’s a $4 single check rebate on the 45 count zyrtec this week, which can be double dipped with SCR #75 which takes off another $10 when you buy $25 worth of select products (zyrtec & the tylenol i bought yesterday included), bringing it all down (as promised) to $2.87. oh, and the purchase put me over the $100 mark on my gift of savings, which means that my $20 gift card is on the move. eat that sam’s club. 

weirdly, i got my zyrtec free sample in the mail today from walmart. 1 pill and a lousy $2 coupon.  ever since the texas pete scandal, the freebies have been bunk.



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11 10 2009
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30 12 2009
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