money journal days 6 & 5. weekend edition.

5 10 2009

stuffso i had this brilliant idea that i was going to spend only the $65 that i had left from my craiglist sales this weekend… and yesterday was somewhat hopeful:

1. $1.04 really nice copy of middlemarch by george eliot @ goodwill. i’m trying to collect all 1001 books on this list.

2. giant metal peanut shaped peanut dish @ $1.04 + $1 donation to another goodwill. $2.04.

3. $6.45 micucci’s pizza and limonata.

4. $15.40 2 ferry tickets to go see sacred & profane on peak’s island.

5. $3.00 my half of a box of morningstar riblets & some rice pilaf for dinner.


$37.07 remaining. actually, $35 and some loose change.

apple lunchdecided this morning to get another $20 out of the ATM, because we were planning on hitting some cash-only flea markets, and i wanted to be prepared. unfortunately, it prepared me mostly for spending money that i shouldn’t, on things that are transient.

1. $12.65 for breakfast at hot suppa (fried green tomato benedict is the best thing on earth).

2. $10.00 to the bf for gas money for our adventure to the fairfield antiques mall and beyond.

3. $5.00 for u-pick apples, and $8.00 for a grilled cheese, apple turnover (warm), and a single size bottle of cider @ kents hill orchards.

4. finally found something worth buying in the form of 2 kathy allen nurse series books @ the lakeside antiques- $6.50.

5. $20.00 for giant sushi dinner at fuji.

6. 2 sunday papers- $3.50.

total for today: $57.65

plus yesterday: $85.58 almost all of it consumed. no wonder i’ve put on 30 lbs.



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9 10 2009
weekend pickthrough- now improved by hydrogenation! « broke 207

[…] on the website right now, good through this weekend. i generally buy books 2nd hand (remember my $.99 copy of middlemarch from last weekend?), but if you’re looking for something that is unlikely to turn up at the goodwill, or giving […]

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