18 bars of soap. 1 first aid kit. 1 toothpaste. $2.49

6 10 2009

CVS 100509i posted yesterday about my cvs plans for the week (and my total adoration for dove soap), and i am pleased to say that they went off positively hitchless.  well, pretty much. someone has been stealing the sunday newspaper from my office before i can get the coupons, so i only managed to get 2 of the $1.25/1 coupons for the soap, and had to use a $1/1 that i had from a while back.  also, the congress street cvs does not carry tone soap! weird? they had the body wash, but the soap was totally MIA. anyhow, i got the colgate total no problem, but i was still $.01 from my $5/$25 coupon actually being useful. time to punt. i remembered erica @ iheartcvs buying a lot of $.99 portable first aid kits recently, and was able to locate a $1/1 johnson & johnson red cross product coupon that had been languishing in my coupon folder. done.

on a total bonus note, i paid $14.49 OOP, and expected $12 in extrabucks back- but when i looked at my receipt, there were $2.50 extra EBs hangin out from my summer spending! i always forget about that shit, and it’s always a nice surprise. also, some protentially very useless CRTs:

$4/1 dr. scholl’s massaging gel insoles… never bought them probably never will.

$2/5 soy joy bars. horribly allergic to these.

$1/1 zicam. maybe if there’s an amazing deal (although i’m still stocked up from last spring, and i don’t want them to expire).

$2/1 cvs brand continuous spray sun care. don’t wear sunscreen, but might buy to donate.



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30 12 2009
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