monday mailbox- now with extra ranting.

6 10 2009

mail call 100509pretty good mail day. unexpected book of $3/$30 coupons from shaws. not earth shattering savings, but combined with the right coupons, could turn good deals excellent- and i have been shopping there a lot lately (even if they didn’t have lettuce!!!).

finally got my secret clinical protection sample from vocalpoint yesterday. i have hyperhydrosis, which basically means that my underarms sweat constantly- regardless of the temperature or level of exertion. arousing! anyway, i’ve been using something called certain dri for years, which works great (i don’t sweat at all anymore), but is kind of harsh and stingy, and has the least sexy packaging ever (i hide it in my medicine cabinet because it’s pretty embarrassing). anyway, i’m actually excited to test this out.

i was a little bummed that there were no freebie coupons, but i’m probably starting to feel a little entitled in a way that is maybe not so great.  i read something yesterday that kind of rubbed me the wrong way…  someone was talking about “the plight of the couponer”, and all we have to endure in our efforts to save… irritable checkout clerks & managers… irritable customers in line behind us… rewards that don’t spit out when they’re legitimately earned… oh woe is us! anyway, i understand that being a super-couponer can be a little rough sometimes, but the truth is that we are inconveniencing people on both sides of the register. yes, we’re not doing anything wrong, and yes it’s great that we can get those savings… but  it’s irritating to stand behind us in line, and irritating when things don’t scan properly and the clerk has to go through every single line item on the register tape to make sure that we got our $.50 off. we are the reason that people curse themselves for “picking the wrong line”. i talk about this a little more in my “stay classy” section, but the key is to be organized, be ridiculously polite to everyone, and know when to walk away from the table. these savings are a privilege that we should be grateful for. let’s not let it turn us into crotchety old bitches who are happy to waste everyone’s time in pursuit of an extra dollar.



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