feeding my addiction.

11 10 2009

carmexsince i just started my descent into the skeezy depths of the rite aid gift of savings/ zyrtec rewards/ single check rebate programs, i haven’t actually gotten any savings certificates back yet. also, the world seems to have dried up of $5/$25 coupons (and i don’t feel comfortable using this one again), which we all know are the key to big fun savings.  anyway, there are a ton of SCR offers in this week’s flier, but very few of them apply to me and the rules i have about things i will and won’t bring into my house.  HOWEVER, on the very back page, there are some sweet deals on carmex that i can’t refuse. i am a total lip-balm junkie (i carry it everywhere and apply it incessantly), and carmex is one of my very favorite brands. so i’ll be picking up:

carmex moisture plus lip balm. on sale for $2.29 with a $2.29 SCR, and there’s a $1.50/1 coupon that you might still be able to get here, which will make you $1.50 richer at the end of the day.

carmex lip balm 3-pack. on sale for $1.99, with a $1.99 SCR. no current coupon for these, but if you sign up for email alerts on their website, you be the first to know when another one is floating around out there. 

chloraseptic allergenblock. i have heinous allergies, and right now is dying leaf, spore, dust mite breeding season here is good ole maine, and i am DYING. you already know that i’m mainlining zyrtec, but it’s never enough. this seems like a cool idea that would be worth trying for free- although i’m kind of broke right now and don’t know how i feel about the OOP expense. i moved in june, and purged all of my old coupons- there was a $3/1 for this from back in may that’s still good. bummer!

herbal essences & stylers. on sale 2/$5. there’s a super-hot buy one shampoo/conditioner/styler get one styler free coupon in this sunday’s P&G supplement, + i have a $1/1 from a past red plum that will get me 2 products for $1.50. 

all 4 items together after coupons & SCR- free!



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6 01 2010
dollar menu. « broke 207

[…] completely, and i saw that carmex was on sale for $.99. cherry carmex no less! i’m a hardcore chapstick junky, and carmex is one of my very favorites. what can i say, new chapstick always makes me happy (too […]

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