11 10 2009

pennyjarin february of this year, i read this article on cnn.com about a family who collected street change for fun. wholesome! i’ve been struggling with my finances for a long time, and had some sort of crazy idea that starting to collect change on my own might make me more conscious of my own money. basically, if i’m going to throw myself into a mud puddle to get a nickel, maybe i would stop giving my own hard earned nickels away a little less easily.

for a while, i kept a really regular journal  about everything i found (i sometimes go under the name foxyboxing), and how much money i had amassed so far. at last check, about $45. but although i haven’t stopped change stalking, i did stop counting back in april. 

i try to take a couple hour long strolls around the city every week on my lunchbreak to look for dropped coins on sidewalks and around parking meters. downtown portland is covered with blocks and blocks of meters- so there’s much opportunity for penny dropping. i’ve also found a lot of change in sofas and chairs around town, in front of check out counters, left in vending machines, and under payphones (apparently people still do use them).

obviously, paper money is the most exciting find (although there was one time where i found a check for $58,000 on the ground that resulted in me getting a case of free local microbrew when i returned it to its owner), high value coins like quarters (or that GOLDEN DOLLAR that i pulled out of a couch recently) are usually as exotic as it gets. i maybe find a quarter once a month. today however, was a TWO QUARTER DAY. one on the floor of the laundry room in my condo basement, and another in the parking lot of kathy & dave’s where i enjoyed my very delicious breakfast.

i know, kind of ridiculous, but i swear it’s easier to be a happy person when there are little things to enjoy on sidewalks all over town.



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22 10 2009
the great wash out. « broke 207

[…] on craigslist. sweet. $40 up on my budgetary deficit for this month. except that i owed $20 to the street change jar from a prior time that i was busted and needed a loan. down to $20 which rested quietly in my purse […]

16 01 2010
party on contest winner! « broke 207

[…] another one start up in a couple of weeks, were you will be guessing the amount of change in my found money jar – so keep those guessing muscles limber. perhaps buy playing a lot of guess who? while […]

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