from a far off land.

18 10 2009

photoposting remotely from the pumpkinfest in keene new hampshire. kind of disappointing really. $250 for a hotel room, the line for funnel cake was a 45 minute wait (settled for truly mediocre apple crisp instead), and there were NO APPLE DONUTS! outrageous. we’re making the best of it by getting take-out chinese, watching good cable (we only get 12 channels at home) in our king-size bed, and cashing in on tomorrow morning’s complimentary breakfast buffet (i suppose it’s not so complimentary for $250 a night).

anyway, taking a minute out in the “business center” (which is essentially a tiny little glassed in terrarium in the middle of the hotel lobby) to catch up on some of my scores from earlier this week:

1. CVS- finally got my free neosporin lip balm (although the newbie cashier almost didn’t let me have it because the coupon was for more than the sale price *oof*). i also got a copy of this month’s reinventing beauty magazine! this is the first time i’ve ever seen a current one in a local cvs, so i grabbed it.  mysteriously, they also had a fistful of just the coupon inserts hanging out on a shelf in the beauty section (this is the forest ave. cvs near the burger king in portland). anyway, since they won’t let me have coupons on clearance items, i took 3 of those too. spiteful! damage- $.99

2. rite aid. my allergies were killing me, so i decided to try out the allergen block (a little weird, but actually helps) SCR deal, and grabbed the carmex deals as well. the carmex lady lip balm… or whatever it’s called is my new favorite thing (and to think, since i got that coupon, it made me $1.50).  i checked my SCR status today, and i’m up to $30 back, and the month is far from over.  also, frugalsuz has alerted me to some  very sweet olay oriented rebates that i might work on next (considering i’ll be $9 deep into olay pretty soon).

3. mail call- i didn’t think i was getting them, but i finally received my kashi go lean coupons!!! my boyfriend loves this crap, so it will be nice to get him some healthy cereal, after the 10 boxes of kind of crap cereal that he just finished tearing through. two $3/1 coupons (which should equal free at walmart), and a bunch of $1.50/1 that will also come in handy i’m sure. but seriously vocalpoint– WHERE’S MY OLAY PROX?!

anyway, i’ve been doing a ton of thrifting on my trip, and will post tomorrow. but right now, my bean curd and vegetable soup is getting cold, and there are unruly ill-parented children racing around the lobby screaming and banging on the piano. time to make my exit.



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20 10 2009
you abuse my love, but i always take you back. « broke 207

[…] another tube of the neosporin lip stuff (which i still haven’t tried, still obsessed with my new carmex).to cover the oop from the candle, i had a $2 & a $2.50 in extrabucks, but i had to figure out […]

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