free cookies & juice!

19 10 2009

kokoron-chan-blood-mascot-japanwell, there’s sort of a trade off… if you’ve ever wandered over to my “stay classy” area, then you know that i’m all up into donation. that said, as much as i’m sure we’d all like to be billionaire philanthropists, we’re all clipping coupons for a reason. thus, in comes blood donation! we all have blood (i hope), and generally speaking, more than we need. unfortunately, the red cross does not. even though blood can safely be used/store for 42 days, they generally don’t have more than a 3 or 4 day supply going at a time. this is where you come in!

i donated blood for the first time in february of this year. i’ll admit it, i don’t love needles, and i was very scared- but i survived and lived to donate again (last week). yes, it hurts a bit, but it definitely gets easier each time.

i don’t think you can write it off on your taxes, but it sure is a nice thing to do, and as promised above- free cookies & juice (and sometimes pizza… i also saw some raisins there, but who wants that shit?) when you’re done.



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