foreign rite-aids and miscalculations…

20 10 2009

DSCN2133i always get excited about visiting rite-aids in other towns, and i don’t know why. they’re always pretty much the same. although i have noticed that they do seem to be getting bigger- and more like department stores than ever. when visiting the machias area this summer, i noticed that the rite aid was pretty much the biggest store in town- yet it didn’t seem all that different from my neighborhood scum-town rite-aid in portland. anyway, whilst pumpkining in keene, i was able to bring to fruition all of my planned deals for the week.

except that somehow (even in a WORLD WITHOUT SALES TAX), i still managed to come in $1.23 off my math. i really aught to be more careful… i bought 2 more zone bars than i needed to, and i also didn’t manage to print out the $.25  sobe lifewater coupon, but i bought it anyway.  $1.25 wasted. although i saw the toilet paper at walmart for over $8 yesterday- and i did feel a little better. after SCR, i will still only have spent $4.72 oop. i’ve done worse!

on a somewhat related note, my gift of savings gift card was mailed out on the 9th, but i still haven’t gotten it yet! my $10 zyrtec check got here yesterday?! what gives?



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26 10 2009
yay & nay. « broke 207

[…] for a box of zone bars. this is how they get you!!! i bought some cheapies last week with coupons, and now i have an addiction. no more coupons in sight. […]

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