you abuse my love, but i always take you back.

20 10 2009

DSCN2135oh cvs. i don’t know what it is about you- lately, you’ve been doing me all sorts of wrong, but i keep coming back…

this weekend, i was in keene, NH at pumpkinfest (all sorts of bummers), but i thought i might try to make up for the suck-factor by visiting the local cvs & rite aid, and seeing what bounty foreign stores might have. as it turns out, not much. at cvs, the clearance shelf was barren, and they only had one flavor of the glade candles. also, the magic coupon machine (which we don’t have in portland, me) gave me bunk CRTs for $1/1 simply divine cookies & $1/2 boxes of cvs tissues. lame!

however, i did pick up the glade candle deal (@ $3 profit), and another tube of the neosporin lip stuff (which i still haven’t tried, still obsessed with my new carmex).to cover the oop from the candle, i had a $2 & a $2.50 in extrabucks, but i had to figure out how not to lose my $.50! i saw some skintimate shave gel (which is actually pretty great in terms of razor-burn prevention) on sale for $2.50- and i had a $2/1 coupon in my folder from a free sample i got ages ago… finished.

not quite finished with cvs… they look to have some decent deals happening next week on dove, zyrtec, and colgate (although nothing earth shattering…)… but i swear to god if they don’t start making me feel like the beautiful and special woman that i am- i’m outta here.



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