shopping away the pumpkinfest blues.

21 10 2009

DSCN2108so maybe pumpkinfest was kind of a bust (did i mention that there were NO APPLE DONUTS!), but the power of thrifting pulled me through this one. the truth is that i’m kind of a shopaholic. i love stuff, and i’m an avid collector of many crazy things (as detailed below). therefore, my goal is to limit my spending, without having slow my manic intake of stuff. the boyfriend and i are hardcore flea marketers, so the plan is always (wherever we go) to pull over to the side of the road any time anything looks cool. several pit-stops on our way to/in keene provided the following:

DSCN2148books! one of my many many weaknesses. the first stop was antiques at mayfair in amherst, nh. one of my favorite multi-dealer shops that i don’t get to very often, they have hands down the best selection of vintage/antique jewelry that i’ve ever seen. their prices are totally reasonable, but unfortunately a $75 shell cameo didn’t fit into my budget for the weekend (that is if i was interested in eating- which i absolutely was). what did fit into my budget were 2 “dana girls” books in excellent condition for $3 each. anyone who knows me is aware of my fanatical love for nancy drew, and  the dana girls books were also written by carolyn keene (who isn’t exactly a real person, or even one person, but whatever). 

next stop, homestead books in marlborough, nh. anytime i see a big sign that says “used books”, i pull over. books are something i almost never buy retail, but that i buy constantly. i’m working right now on extremely uneven, but still entertaining “1001 books to read before you die“, so i have much to purchase. also, i’m a sucker for a beautiful vintage paperback (and i’m a hardcore classics junkie), and this place was rife with great titles for low low prices (i didn’t spend more than $1.50 on any of my books):

woman in white by wilkie collins
pride and prejudice by jane austen
war of the worlds by h.g. wells

and not on the 1001 list…
nabokov’s dozen by vladimir nabokov
20,000 leagues under the sea by jules verne
mother night by kurt vonnegut jr.

all in excellent condition, and all for the low low price of $5.

DSCN2143last stop was the keene salvation army, which always turns out to be surprisingly awesome. i picked up an amazing vintage denim vest, a yellow dansk trivet, and a funny blue ceramic statue of a boy praying (it’s sort of complicated, but i have a collection of robins egg blue ceramic stuff to compliment this). total- $4.50.



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