22 10 2009

morningstari don’t eat animals (or wear them), and this is a challenge every day. a challenge that i take on happily (i am not a meatless martyr i promise!), but it certainly makes the couponing & getting great deals of protein a little trickier. thus, morningstar farms is my boyfriend. i’ve tried yves (although they do have the best hot dogs), light life, quorn… and nobody beats the flavor of morningstar. i generally pick up at least 2 products a week. problem being, shit is expensive. walmart & target have by far the best prices (usually about $3 per package), and occasionally they send me online coupons for belonging to their “insider” newsletter. but they usually only give you 2 prints max which go really quickly.

anyway, imagine my elation when on a trip to the south portland (mall area) shaws, i found a cooler full of morningstar burgers with a GIANT COUPON TEARPAD right on it. each sheet has 4 $.75/1 coupons for ANY MORNINGSTAR PRODUCT! it’s my goddamn coupon wet dream. they’re only good until december 31st, and i shouldn’t be so greedy, but i grabbed like six pages (i’ll be stocking up like a crazy person). if you heart the morningstar like i do, you should too.



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26 10 2009
yay & nay. « broke 207

[…] start chix patties: $4.29 with $.75 coupon doubled for @$2.79. (this isn’t any cheaper than walmart with the same coupon, but i wanted […]

26 12 2009
picking up the pieces. « broke 207

[…] at target. they have a printable $2/2 right now AND i still have about 12 of those $.75/1s from the great tearpad incident of 2009. that shit’s expensive, so i’m going […]

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