weekend pickthrough- albino edition

24 10 2009

white asparagusthings are happening! 

harvest on the harbor is happening all weekend, and is a hotbed for free samples! sure you can pay $35 bucks to go to some of the fancier events, but why bother when there’s cool stuff happening for free. load up!

$5 printmaking workshop at space gallery. everything they do is beautiful (their current window exhibit is all sorts of stunning). make something to show at next week’s first friday. be an art star!

hot goods! maybe ebay isn’t dangerous enough for you? your good buy girl has alerted me to the existence of the property room. those stolen goods have to go somewhere after case closed. your house?

also via good buy girl- trade stocks with pretend money! maybe you don’t have the money right now exactly, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to play the stock market like the big boys.  

rite aid as usual has some kick ass SCR deals, and just some goddamn good prices on things that might actually be useful. free light bulbs, kotex, moneymaking vaseline lotion, and not that anyone cares, but my beloved omeprazole is on sale for $11.99 (with in ad coupon).

cvs is a little weak this week (another blood glucose monitor? seriously?), but i did notice a hardcore deal possibility in the dove & degree deodorant aisle. $10 extrabucks back when you buy $20 worth of select products. dove is my brand! buy six (2 dove, 4 degree) for $21. i have 4 $1/1 degree coupons, and one $1.50/2 dove coupons, which after extrabucks, makes 5 deodorants for $4.50. and maybe you still have one of those $5/$25 coupons from the flu quiz… i know if you want it bad enough- you can probably get them for free. 

shaw’s. white asparagus never goes on sale ($1.88)!!! also, $1 avocados, and i’m pretty sure you can get free halloween candy when you buy an itunes gift card. 

coupon goddess knows how to keep it classy– even when she’s sarcastically eviscerating a constipated check out lady. i love knowing that moms in sweater sets and keds want to punch people in the face sometimes too.



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