boresville usa.

25 10 2009

crouching-tigerrite aid has a ton of great stuff both for keeping and for giving away, but i’m needing to stockpile the omeprazole (prilosec for those of you with top hats and monocles that can afford the name brand stuff) this week for my fragile fragile stomach. here’s my shopping list:

42 ct. omeprazole- $17.99 w/ in-ad coupon for $6.00= $11.99

it’s finally time to break down and buy some halloween candy. i could go for the 2 lb. wonka mix ups for $4.99 with the $2/1 coupon here… or maybe i could just go out for halloween and avoid having candy in my house all together.

2-packs of tone soap are on bogo this week, and i still have a couple of those $1/1 printables burning a hole in my coupon folder. maybe free?

arm & hammer toothpaste is on bogo also. i have a couple of those $3/2 coupons from the 8/16 smartsource that hopefully will also equal free.

halls cough drops have a weird bogo in-ad coupon. whatever! i read recently that the halls refresh candy is really tasty. sadly, i only have one $1/1 refresh coupon from the 9/27 smartsource, but they’ll still be really cheap. 

i can’t say no to free lightbulbs! 2 for $2 ge soft white bulbs with a $2 SCR. 

kotex is my brand, and it’s time to restock. $2.99 for an 18 count of tampons with a $2 SCR, and a $1/1 coupon right here

maybe i’ll print out just one more of these… ditch the candy, and get the whole situation for $6.99 before tax and after SCR. *yawn*



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