olay pro disappointment.

25 10 2009

olay pro xi assumed that for joining vocalpoint, i became entitled to all free  samples available. thus, when i saw that the excessively expensive olay prox line, i was all sorts of excited about my free sample and accompanying coupons. apparently, i missed some email they sent me about how i needed to “opt in” to receiving the sample. all 65,000 samples were gone in 12 hours. shitty bitches. anyway, lesson learned. read the emails from vocalpoint or miss out on the good shit.



4 responses

27 10 2009
l weaver

I have been trying to figure them out also. I sent them a e-mail asking for advice on how to participate but they haven’t responded yet. Wonder if I’ll hear from them.

27 10 2009

i think if you didn’t “opt in”, then you don’t get it. such a bummer! i feel your pain.

2 11 2009
l weaver

All right! Vocalpoint finially contacted me! They basically said what you said, they will contact me and I need to respond. The more you participate the more they send etc. yada yada. {Do you watch Seinfeld?} Anyway, thanks for responding and I will opt in asap. Good luck!

3 11 2009

so much for hassle free samples! although it’s pretty cool that they got back to you. happy sampling!

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