bless me father for i have sinned.

26 10 2009

woman in confessionit has been roughly 22 years since my last confession.

yesterday, i snapped at the cashier at the super walmart when she forgot to scan my coupons and then i had to go wait in line at the customer service desk for 15 minutes to get my discount. it sucked, but there’s no excuse for not keeping it classy. if you’re out there cashier lady- i’m sorry for being a giant bitch!

today, when i went to cvs to buy my deodorant haul, 2 of my $2/1 coupons wouldn’t scan in (as i would later verify, because you’re only allowed to use one per purchase), and i let them put them in manually- even though i knew it probably wasn’t as honest as it could have been.  they’re going to charity, but i still feel like kind of a jerk.

at rite aid, my kotex coupon refused to scan (even though it was the right product of the right size) and i held up the line while 2 cashiers tried to figure out what was going wrong. i’m sure i wasted more than $1 of everyone’s time before i finally got my $1.



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