yay & nay.

26 10 2009

somehow i spent $50 at the supermarket when my budget was $30. i did’t really buy anything crazy, but i still bit it hard.

shopping trip 102509 001yay! life at shaws was pretty good this week- even though there weren’t any super-stock-up for no money deals.  i felt pretty good about the prices i paid for everything:

asparagus: $1.88

bably bella mushrooms: 2 for $3.00

red & yellow peppers: $1.99/lb.

5 lb. bag russet potatoes: $2.50

baby spinach: #3.00

paul newman pizza: $5.99 with a $1/1 coupon from this weekend’s red plum for $4.99

2 snikiddy grilled cheese puffs (so delicious, and you can eat the whole bag for 500 calories): 2 for $5.00 with 2 $1/1 coupons (that i got for sending them a sweet note on their website) for $3.00

morningstar chix patties: $4.29 with $.75 coupon doubled for @$2.79. (this isn’t any cheaper than walmart with the same coupon, but i wanted to see if they doubled- AND THEY DO!  now all i need to do is wait for them to go on sale…)

kashi honey sunshine: FREE- used my last freebie coupon from vocalpoint

honey bunches of oats pecan bunches- $1.99 with $2/1 coupon from here– FREE (they’re actually more expensive at walmart right now, and SOLD OUT).

i also had a $3 off of $30 coupon from a while back that i used, taking it all down to $20.16 after tax. not incredible, but a decent price for produce and natural foods.

shopping trip 102509 002nay! not as much luck at the walmart.

$7.93 for another box of fullbars. yes i love them, but yes, they are also destroying my grocery budget.

$4.77 for a box of zone bars. this is how they get you!!! i bought some cheapies last week with coupons, and now i have an addiction. no more coupons in sight. boo-urns.

$1.00 for crunch and munch. DON’T EVER GO TO THE GROCERY STORE HUNGRY!

FREE kashi go lean crunch- used the last of my vocalpoint $3/1 coupons.

$2.43 for cabot butter. the walmart brand is cheaper, but it’s also not nearly as good.

$2.28 for walnuts (after $1/1 fisher nuts coupon from the 10/4 smartsource).

$1.66 for musselman’s natural applesauce.

$1.88 for light sour cream (daisy is the only brand worth buying).

$1.50 for velveeta shells and cheese (meximac night= 1 box mac & cheese + 1 /2 bag morningstar meat crumbles+ 3/4 cup pace think & chunky salsa).

$2.57 for morningstar meat crumbles (after $.75/1 coupon).

$3.12 for one dozen eggland’s best cage free eggs.

$29.83 after tax. crap. i need to get away from the fancy bars, and back into sticking to my budget.



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28 10 2009
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[…] spy- free pizza 28 10 2009 anyone who has bothered to read through my overly lengthy grocery shopping posts, knows that me and paul newman are tight.  all natural ingredients, reasonable prices, totally […]

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