dear hannaford. shut your damn face.

27 10 2009

hannaforddear hannaford.  i never post about you. ok, one time i called you hannafuck, but seriuosly… your prices are mediocre, and you’ve got no deals to be had. your current feeble attempt to show some savings with your “buy and save” program is utterly laughable. for every 4 HANNAFORD PRODUCTS, you get ONE CRAPPY DOLLAR back to use on your next shopping trip. with a MAXIMUM OF $10. whatever. everyone knows that you can overall get better deals on name brand prodcuts than you can on generics anyway… and most of your qualifying products are over a couple of dollars (unless you want to buy 40 boxes of hannaford brand cream cheese). i get more savings up front from the in-ad coupons in my weekly shaw’s flyer… and i don’t have to eat your crappy cream cheese.

in conclusion hannaford, PLEASE TRY HARDER, or you’ll be going the way of stop and shop in no time at all (and no one will miss you).



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28 10 2009
The Coupon Goddess

Just dropping in to say that I think you are freakin’ funny. It’s nice to see another off the beaten bath coupon blogger like myself. I like your edgy writing style and totally agree with you. Hannaford sucks big time. Good luck blogging! I’ll be following. 🙂

28 10 2009

thank you so much! i love love your blog, and i am exceptionally honored that you chose to visit mine. (no worries about the typos, my typing is a mess).

28 10 2009
The Coupon Goddess

Off the beaten path too. Don’t you love typos? Come to think of it, a beaten bath sounds kind of kinky. Hmmmmmmmmm

12 07 2010

Shaw’s sucks big time, which is why they’re doing so poorly these days. They also force you to buy certain amounts to get sale prices, which Hannaford’s does not do. Furthermore, they make you have a “card” to get the sale prices, and all the while provide extremely sub par customer service. I would like to get back all the time I waited in their lines when I used to shop there.

Market Basket can have okay prices, but a lot of those stores are absolutely disgusting. Still, better than Shaw’s.

13 07 2010

i used to think that until i became a crazy coupon lady! if you’re not a coupon person, shaw’s certainly does suck. their prices are way high, and the card thing can get a little annoying (i just keep mine in my wallet at all times). basically, i only go there when i can get stuff for dirt cheap or free with coupons. because they double any coupon under $.99, you can get surprisingly good deals if you know how to work it. like this weekend, i bought tribe hummus for $.75 each, and near east cous cous & rice for $.88. and a few weeks ago i got a whole boatload of free cheerios. basically, it’s a pantry stocking kind of place. for the rest of my groceries, i shop elsewhere. we don’t have market basket up here, where are you from?

17 05 2015

This entry is hilarious… it’s even more hilarious now that Hannafords (Delhaize Corp) just acquired Stop ‘n Shop. Funny as hell.

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