people are lazy.

29 10 2009

photo(3)so i was walking to the post office today past my very favorite bank of meters *location top secret* for street change finding, and BAM- a quarter. but not just a quarter. two dimes and 2 pennies dropped right nearby. that’s $.47! are people so lazy, or  fat, or busy, or rich that they won’t bend down to pick up a quarter? do we as a society really value change so very little? is the act of bending over really that labor intensive?  i’m torn between being really disgusted about how (especially in this economy), people can be so reckless with their money , and being super psyched about finding $.47. the change jar is growing, and i still have 3.5 months to go *feel the excitement*.



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30 10 2009

feeling it! Now you have me looking out my car window when I am stopped at a red light. I just know one day picking up that penny is going to cause a rear end wreck but I too have that sad change obsession. It is the little things in life that bring such excitement when you are stuck in the worlds of grade school and potty training.

30 10 2009

it’s bizarrely addicting isn’t it? my boyfriend called me a weirdo when i first started, but now he proudly presents me with any street change that he finds. it’s pretty cute. just try not to cause any traffic accidents!

30 12 2009
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