i spy- secret zone coupon!

30 10 2009

photothe problem with coupons for pricey name brand merchandise is that sometimes, they get you hooked (i’m pretty sure that’s the plan). case and point- the zone bars. i got 2 bogo coupons from their website a few weeks ago when they were on $5/5 @ rite aid, and bought 4 bars (peanut butter). they were both totally delicious, and very filling. actually, i’m eating one right now. anyway, i like prepackaged convenience food for work because i am perpetually oversleeping and running late in the morning. thus, into my bag goes: fullbar (also ridiculously expensive), zone bar, potato wrapped in saran wrap (for easy microwaving), 2 hard boiled eggs, tiny v8, and  unsweetened applesauce. save for the potato, all ready to go straight out of the fridge.

the point is,  i’m really happy with my lunch- but not really happy with the price. at $1ish per bar- and 2 bars per day- i’m blowing through 1/3 of my grocery budget just on bars! also, if you ask my boyfriend hotcouponworld, you’ll see that i’ve already pretty much blazed through all of the readily available coupons.

but this morning as i dug to the bottom of my almost empty box (time to spend another $4.93!), i found a nice surprise- a $1/1 box of dark chocolate zone bars.  see, good things do happen to mediocre people.



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