mysteries of the slap chop revealed

31 10 2009

shamwow-vince-punches-hookeri don’t sleep a lot. actually, i resent sleep. sure, it’s enjoyable and necessary, but it takes up all the time i need to do all sorts of things, and i always wake up thinking about all the things i didn’t have time to do the night before. but anyway, i’m incredibly guilty of staying up way past my bedtime trying to take care of business, and thus, watching lots of really terrible infomercials. 

in comes vince. you know, sham-wow vince?

well, right now, vince has put aside his sham-wow in order to pursue a little venture called “the slap chop“. i’ll admit- it looks pretty amazing on tv. as a person who makes a lot of vegetable oriented food- i don’t enjoy chopping as much as i could (should?). could this amazing gadget be the answer to my prayers?  one of my favorite websites, walletpop, has the full story.  in short, not only does the slapchop end up costing you like $35 bucks in the end- it also is a piece of crap. surprise! 

on a similar but somewhat unrelated regional as-seen-on-tv note, you might also be interested to find out who wins the battle between the maine based slanket and the crap based snuggie. gizmodo does the battle justice (and not to give it away, but i was left feeling an intense sense of state pride).

the moral of both of these stories, don’t trust sham-wow vince, be careful to read product reviews before you buy anything available on tv only, and don’t insult your friends and relatives by giving them a snuggie.



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