2 11 2009

sexy-sponge-bobwhile the majority of the masses were out this weekend celebrating slut-o-ween, i decided to celebrate glut-o-ween instead. the gluttony however was not merely food related (although don’t doubt that i ate an entire bag of cheese popcorn and all the tiny 100 grand bars that our 1 trick-or-treater didn’t take). more than anything though, money was consumed in mass quantities this weekend- and the true horror was had last night when i balanced my checkbook and realized that i had “accidentally” spent $100 more than i had budgeted for the week. um, surprise! the main culprits:

1. last minute impulse buys! went to buy candy and ended up with $18 worth of cheese popcorn and tom collins making supplies.

2. poor planning! somehow forgot to buy pizza sauce for “make your own pizza night”, and ended up spending $4.50 on a bottle of prego at the neighborhood convenience store. ouch.

3. the dam breaks! my purse has been a threadbare embarrassment for months now (seriously, even my boyfriend regularly mentions that it’s an eyesore), but i’ve been holding out for this– and refused to buy anything else. well, i don’t have $100 right now for a bag… yet somehow yesterday at the mall, i managed to find $44 to get a new bag (ok, but not amazing- a bigger version of this in gray)- because i just couldn’t take my current purse for one more second. it was kind of worth it, and it’s a nice bag ($89 marked down to $44) but i still wish i’d just bought the one i really want instead.

anyway, that’s $66 of the most offensive dollars i spent… although i know the rest were pissed away in an equally pointless fashion. i try so hard to keep my budget in line, and then i blow it all without even a second thought. maybe if i can lay off the candy, and lay off the spending, i can celebrate slut-o-ween next year instead (like god intended).



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4 11 2009

So what is the debt status? Love the graphics.

4 11 2009

thanks for reminding me! just updated, and i’m down about $535 (i’ve dipped just slightly below $16,000). i should be down to just 2 credit cards by next month! still a mountain to scale, but it’s happening!

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