hot damn betty crocker!

3 11 2009

hot damnso excited. i guess i didn’t entirely use my powers of deduction when i signed up for a free sample of au gratin potatoes (which are complete trash, but so very delicious) via the betty crocker dinner made easy newsletter, because when a FULL SIZE BOX (or pretty much full size box) arrived, i was totally floored. now that i think of it, there’s no really good way for them to send a single serving… but still. i enjoy excitement. also, came with at $.50/1 coupon (which might be doubled at shaw’s if i’m lucky). the promotion is over, but i highly recommend signing up for the newsletter, because it is often the source of great coupons and more free stuff. while you’re at it, sign up for vocalpoint, quality health, pssst, right@homekraft first taste, and home made simple too… your mailbox will be stuffed in no time at all.



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14 01 2010
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22 03 2010
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30 04 2010

Dang, I’m too late for the potatoes au gratin, but thanks for posting this! I do love getting little goodies in the mail. As i type this, I’m snarfing down on the promotional-sized packet of M&M pretzels that arrived in the mail today. (Candy? From strangers? Mmmmmm.)

1 05 2010

wait, free pretzel m&ms? mother f-er! i feel like i always miss the good freebies. all i get are tampons and metamucil. what am i missing?

2 05 2010

I got the Metamucil surprise package, too. What a letdown: all that cardboard and nothing fun.

I don’t know if the pretzel M&Ms are still available, but you can check their Facebook page for the giveaway. (If it lets you submit the form and then tells you it’s over, don’t despair — it told me that but my candy arrived anyhow.)

2 05 2010

mystery solved! i hate joining facebook fan pages. although pretzel m&ms might give me pause to reconsider my stance on the subject.

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