weekend pickthrough- stuff you want!

6 11 2009

nov09_homefinally, another $5/$30 coupon @ cvs for taking some pointless quiz!

04101 is good for the $5/$25 coupon @ rite aid via redplum. or, you can watch these painful videos for a $5/$20 and some other jazz. (i find that keeping the sound off really helps).

planning on getting a headache? schedule it on the 2010 tylenol calendar.

probably free tissues!

bogo soy sauce (load up!)

best. twitter. ever.

idle rumor or best news ever?

the future of produce.

and of course it’s first friday here in portland, so load up on free wine and cheese, and soak up all of that art. i recommend this.

maine knows beer.

oh and lastly, I’M FAMOUS yet again. thanks again coupon goddess! my stats were at an all-time high this week thanks to you!



2 responses

6 11 2009

A non-Mommy coupon blogger! I knew there were others out there! 🙂

I keep the sound off on the CVS quizzes too. Their voices really annoy me for some reason.

7 11 2009

we are rare birds indeed! do you have a site? i wonder if any suckers out there actually listen to those commercials, they’re totally terrible!

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