so lazy. (plus, the shaw’s shakedown)

7 11 2009

shawsi didn’t even bother to post my grocery deals last week. mostly because there weren’t any. i’ve been stockpiling a lot of my morningstar farms products using the booty from my super tear-pad score from a few weeks ago. i’ve been paying about $2.50 per product, which is a good $2 less than they are at shaws. they’re cheapest at target & walmart (usually between $2.99- $3.25), and they never really go on super sale… so i’ll take what i can get.

other than that, the most impressive deal i got last week was paying $.39 for two dial hand soaps (they were on bogo for $1.79 ea). those $.35 coupons need to be doubled to be worth anything!

anyway, i’ll be proactive this week (but still lazy) by pointing you to all the best shaw’s deals this week via money saving maineac (she’s great). i have to say she’s got it covered. she even found some deals for me amidst the MEAT SALE!.

most notably, $15 catalina when you buy $30 of certain products. most of it is garbage food (which i love but shouldn’t eat), but i’ll be loading up on a ton of $1.88 cheerios, some $.99 green giant corn niblets (the only canned veg that i actually like), a couple boxes of $3.39 savorings (one of my favorite binge foods, plus i gotta put that $.55/1 coupon to work), and i’ll probably fill out the rest with some paper towels or kleenex. details to follow.

also deal worthy this week:

frosted mini wheats on sale 2/$5- but you get a catalina for a free gallon of milk (up to $4) when you buy three. i’m pretty sure that if you use 3 of these $1/1s, you can get 3 boxes of cereal and some milk for $.50-ish.

birds eye bagged vegetables are 10/$10 … if the lightly sauced varieties are on sale, i can use this $.50/1 coupon and pray for doubling. my freezer is getting really full.

california pizza kithen pizzas are on sale 2/$9, which is otherwise unremarkable- EXCEPT when combined with the two $1.50/1 catalinas that i’ve been hoarding, and two of these babies. $2 pizza, here i come!

i also might go for a couple bags of the 2/$4 fresh express salad blends (i still have one $.55/2 coupon from  the 10/4 smartsource- confirmed to double), and some $2.29 tribe hummus ($1/2 from the 10/18 redplum).  if i work it all out correctly, i’ll be taking home roughly $60 worth of groceries, for just about $20.



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7 11 2009
The Coupon Goddess

You need some dressing for your salad chickie. If you buy the 16oz Wishbone you will get a bonus cat of 1.50 per 2 bottles 🙂

11 11 2009
catalina complications. « broke 207

[…] 11 11 2009 so i was so excited about my shaws trip this weekend (not quite as excited as the coupon goddess, but still very excited)! i had it all […]

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