i try it- cheap tights.

10 11 2009

shorts nn tightsalthough you wouldn’t have know it the last couple of days, it’s coming up on winter here in maine, and the 30ish temps are here to stay. as the universe does not appear to make pants that fit me, i’ve always been a skirt girl, and in the wintertime, that means tights. tights are great- they suck your stomach in, cover up your spider veins, keep you warm, and come in amazing colors and patterns… but DAMN! are they pricey.  even at target and walmart they’re in the $5 range for one pair. OUTRAGEOUS! especially because the usually run or snag IMMEDIATELY (admittedly, higher quality tights are less likely to do this- but who can afford that shit?), making them a roughly disposable item. for a girl that wears a pair of tights almost every day in fall/winter, it adds up quick.

anyhow, this weekend i came across a sweet sweet discovery by the register at the local forever21 (NH had one before we did- THE SHAME!)- 3 pairs of black tights for $4.50! at $1.50 a pair, i can almost afford to throw them away (almost). i test drove my first pair today at work, and my feelings were mixed:

1. as everything at forever21, they run small. if you’re under 5’7″ and under 150 lbs, i’m sure they’d be great. at 5′ 7″ and 165, they were a little bit snug and a little bit short. i managed to squeeze into them ok, although i did have to intermittently yank them up when no one was looking.

2. microfiber tights are amazing in terms of stretchiness and ability to snap back to their original shape. these are by far not microfiber. they’re not terribly stretchy, and i have a feeling that they may not snap back entirely after washing (baggy knees). we shall see.

3. the weave is a little stripey & irregular when pulled tight. not distractingly so, but they look like what they are- cheap tights.

verdict: well, they made it through the day with no runs. the fit wasn’t great, and i’ve certainly had better looking tights… but they were most definitely presentable. for $1.50 a pair, i don’t think i’m going to do better. i’d love to afford better tights, but the reality is that i can’t.



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13 03 2011
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[…] you know me at all, you know that i’m constantly in pursuit of cheap tights (which are virtually impossible to find), as pretty much every pair i own gets instant runs at […]

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