weekend pickthrough- xmas edition

13 11 2009

3104078631_5490f790e8we’re barely half way to thanksgiving, and everyone is already wound up tight about xmas. mostly, people are talking about kids and toys and jesus… it’s tough.  i’m a childless pagan who (although she finds an earnest sweetness in the idea of  making someone a home made bible cover for christmas…) just can relate.  i do however need to get my ass deal shopping & cookie baking just like everybody else.

my boyfriend introduced me to the early a.m. black friday ritual last year. it’s a sickness that he has passed on to me. can’t wait until thanksgiving to get your flyers on- plot your master plan here. the target flyer just came out this week, and it’s lookin pretty good…

start working on your best xmas mix tape right now. *it is officially ok to listen to holiday music while preparing thanksgiving dinner.

amazing gift idea- no such thing as too much butter.

i love giving home made! there’s a ton of christmas fairs going on for the next month, but save your pennies for the mother of them all- space gallery’s holiday shop-a-do (december 4th & 5th).

tis the season to work those hasbro rebates.

buy a party dress (or party pants) on the cheap with this sweet express coupon.

screw making cookies. this is betty’s best recipe EVER.

i know your family will love dinah the xmas whore as much as mine does. use BKLVFREE to get free shipping. (thanks for the tip coupon geek– even if i did switch it up a little).

cop out and give gift cards! better yet, pay for discount gift cards with loose change!



3 responses

14 11 2009

did you make the tree you had on your blog spot? Very cool. Also check out some of the coupons for thanksgiving goodies. I am sure there is a tofu turkey out there waiting on your coupon deal!

14 11 2009

i wish i was that cool! it’s a photo i found on flickr… but a very clever (and cheap) alternative to buying a real xmas tree. thanks for the coupon tip! i’ve actually never had tofurkey (i usually just eat all the other non-animal thanksgiving stuff)- maybe it’s my year!

14 11 2009

Saw your comment you left on my blog about Vocal Point. Shoot me an email to coupongeek at live dot com and I’ll tell ya about it.


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