the beauty of wordpress…

19 11 2009

is that i get to see what web searches are conducted that result in people winding up at my blog. thank you whoever out there in cyberland searched for “yanking tights up”, you made my day. i know, i’m a weirdo.



4 responses

19 11 2009

Depending on who searched for “yanking tights up” and why they searched for it, you may not be the weirdo in the situation LOL

19 11 2009

excellent point! also, you’re hilarious.

22 11 2009

I get “bangin becky” and “becky gives BJ’s” a lot…

24 11 2009

i only hope that someday i too can be party to pornographic searches that inadvertently end up at my site. then (and only then), i will have truly arrived.

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