phoning it in.

24 11 2009

since i’ve been phoning it in a bit lately as i am swallowed by the sequin covered monster lurking in my apartment, it’s only fair that rite aid should be doing the same.  i like to think that rite aid knows my movements… senses my needs and wants, and delivers the goods when i’m ready for them.  knowing that i don’t have the energy this week, rite aid was pretty low key- with a few easy deals i can handle on my lunch break:

1. first and foremost, my beloved omeprazole (42 count box)  is on sale for $14.99 with a $3 in-ad coupon for $11.99. which is a really good deal. if i buy 2- can i used 2 in-ad coupons in one transaction? i was thinking about rolling them up with the $5/$25 i picked up here. or here.

2. secondly, there’s a sweet $2/1 in-ad coupon for neutrogena skin & body care. that’s pretty good anyway, but i also have a $2/1 coupon from the december all you.  $4 off something is bound to be cheap or free, plus, it’s pretty good stuff.

3. lastly, i’m always wanting to load up on cheap toilet paper. angel soft is passable in a pinch (although charmin is still my #1 preferred brand), and it’s $.99 for a 4-pack of double rolls. i’ve paid more for single rolls of gas station TP in emergency situations! if you held onto your $1/2 from the 9/13 redplum.. that’s 8 double rolls for $1!

a brief aside on the subject of toilet paper… is it completely wrong (usually if i have to ask, it totally is), that in darker days i have gone into the public bathrooms of businesses that i don’t like (mcdonald’s deserves to be punished for spraying their french fries with BEEF TALLOW!!!!) and stuffed a loose roll or two into my giant purse? technically, i know that stealing is wrong… but for a girl (or a guy) in a rough spot- this still sort of seems ok to me.



2 responses

24 11 2009

My boyfriend put toilet paper on the holder when he was here last week and he put it on the wrong way. I kept my mouth shut but if he does it again, we’re gonna have a talk! It has to go OVER the roll, I don’t want it dragging on the ground! Oh yeah, McDonald’s sucks and I think it’s awesome that you “helped yourself” to their toilet paper!

24 11 2009

that’s so funny! my boyfriend just installed a new toilet paper holder in our bathroom last week- and before i could even say anything he looks at me with his best “serious face” and says- “if you ever hang the toilet paper in the underhand fashion- we’re through”. such strong opinions! although i do agree, underhand is for suckers 🙂

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