paint it black.

26 11 2009

yes, i am one of those crazy people who will be waiting outside in line in the g-d freezing cold at 4 am to get the best deals. which is funny, because the really bloody battles usually happen over deep discount electronics and zhu zhu hamsters, neither of which i am currently in the market for…  mostly, i’m hoarding cheap dvds and cleaning out clearance stock with extra coupons. also, i’m in it for the experience (which i will be documenting as i go). it’s totally crazy, and kind of stupid, but hands down the wildest shopping ride of the year.

last year, target was my first black friday stop- this year not so much.  there’s some cute puffy vests for $7.50, and baby mama is on dvd for $3.99 (plus some mysterious “select others)…. but nothing amazing. we will be stopping in, but definitely not first.

walmart doesn’t have much that i want, but their $2 dvds are hitting my sweet spot just right. they say “over 100 titles”, but just from the small stack in the picture, i’ll most definitely be picking up: spaceballs, young frankenstein, the mummy, and hellboy II. my dvd collection is already ridiculous- and about to get even ridiculous-er.

totally copycatting rite aid by the way- herbal essences AND soleil razors. i’m outraged. but i’ll still shop there, because the deals are hot for the first time in months. i’m feeling lazy, so i’ll just list of the things that are free after ECBs (with or without coupons):

reeses & mars singles, vaseline sheer infusion lotion, degree ultra clear, colgate total toothpaste (free with $1/1 coupon from 11/8 smartsource). there’s also some $.99 herbal essences, colgate 360 toothbrushes, and $1.99 schick quattro or soleil razors…. i’m sure i can make something work with the $5/$30 that they emailed me today. i think they’re trying to win me back… but i don’t see that happening.

rite aid:

SCRs ahoy! rite aid is just giving shit away this black friday. i’ll be picking up:

$.99 sally hansen lip color- which should be free if maine got the $1/1 lip product coupon in the 9/13 red plum. FREE

$3.99 tampax pearl with a $3 SCR- AND i have a $2 off coupon that i got in the mail a while ago. holy-money maker batman!

$2.99 herbal essences with a $2 SCR.  i already blew my bogo coupon a few weeks ago, but $.99 is still a kick ass price.

$3.99 scope outlast with a$3 SCR.  i’ve got a $1/1 from the 11/1 p&g brandsaver that will make it FREE!

$2.99 oral b toothbrushes with a $2 SCR and

$.99 schick disposable razors! free if you’re not a scumbag like me who didn’t get the 11/22 paper for the $1/1 in the smartsource.

$5.99 soleil razors only $1.99 with $4/1 in-ad coupon. combine with $2/1 coupon from the 11/15 smartsource. FREE!

somehow i’ll wrap it all up in a $5/25 and fill out the holes (if there are any) with $.99 ivory, zest, and dial. details to follow…

they’re being shifty about exactly what will be on sale, but i love a store where everything is already under $20. plus, if you show up early early, they could give you a scratch off with the possibility to win a $100 gift card!

i don’t see anything major in their flier that i’m into, but there’s a $10/$25 on clearance items coupon that i might put into action if i find anything great.

the gap:
bogo sweaters at the gap from wednesday to friday!! i have a $10 off coupon from my gapcard also, so i’ll be loading up good. also, you get a sweet coupon book with any purchase (more reasons to buy more sweaters!).

lane bryant:
costuming a burlesque means needing plus size ruffle butt underpants. usually pretty pricey @ $18/ea. or $27/3, the whole store will be 40% through the 29th! kick ass.

for those of you staying indoors this friday, lucky magazine has compiled a tidy little list of black friday online fashion finds.



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