xmas for the cheap and lazy- part 1

30 11 2009

maybe it’s because my boyfriend is a giant ass dork, but i find myself shopping a lot at threadless. screw newbury comics or hot topic for nerdcore selctions, threadless has designs that are smarter, funnier, better looking… and designed by nice folks like you and me. basically, you design a shirt and submit it to threadless, people (whoever visits the site) vote on the designs, the most popular designs get printed.  bam. also, i think they give you some money for your design. it’s a pretty awesome way to support small-time artists, and get yourself some pretty kick ass shirts in the process. this week, all t’s are $12 (reasonable!), AND there’s free shipping. perfect for gamers, dungeon masters, unicorn lovers, zombie enthusiasts, techies, trekkies, and band geeks (and some other stuff in between). come on- three keyboard cat moon? SHUT UP!



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