xmas for the cheap and lazy- part 2

1 12 2009

so i’ll be continuing to feature my favorite online shopping sites for those of you out there (like me!) who put off their xmas shopping until the very last moment- and then don’t want to leave the house because it’s just too f-ing crazy everywhere.

next up, ferdinand, hands down one of my favorite shops on this little peninsula that i call home. if you can manage to escape and get to their retail store (in the world’s most adorable little strip of stores on 243 Congress), it’s absolutely worth the trip. she has all the stuff she features in her online store, as well as a selection of hot hot vintage and cards and ts from other local artists. online, i recommend the sweet monster onesie for babies in your life who are too cool for gymboree, journals made from giant playing cards, and who doesn’t love a squirrel playing the drums?

really, it’s all gold. also, the woman who owns it (diane!) is one of the coolest people i’ve ever met. plus, almost nothing is over $25.



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