xmas for the cheap & lazy- part 3

4 12 2009

children are easy, they tell you exactly what they want. you can basically take any “letter to santa” style list straight to the mall and tick off the items one by one by one:

1. star wars legos- check
2. cooking mama cook off for the nintendo ds- check
3. march of the penguins on blu-ray- check
4. bratz- HELL NO!

but you get the idea. kids are unfailingly specific in their demands, and although they may want things that are out of your price range (pony!), or generally out of the question (yes bratz, i’m talking about your trampy hooker asses), they make shopping very very simple (assuming you don’t have to knife anyone for a zhu zhu hamster).

weirdly, as adults  we are trained not to ask for what we want. “oh just get me a card” is the biggest lie we tell every xmas when all we really want to do is yell “star wars legos!” from the top of santa’s lap. thus, buying for adult friends who refuse to tell us what they want is increasingly complicated.

as previously discussed, the classic “i don’t know what to get you” default presents (picture frames, cheap candy, scented candles, olive garden gift cards…) are totally stupid and not to be purchased! lucky for you, amazing online store like three potato four make it easy to give beautiful, creative, and unique gifts- without actually having to think up anything beautiful, creative, or unique on your own.

they have the most gloriously edited and perfectly handpicked mix of vintage and new items from paper goods, to furniture, to vintage toys…  I WANT EVERYTHING! admittedly, it’s a little on the pricey side- but they do have items that fit most price points if you dig around- which you will want to do, because as i already stated: EVERYTHING IS AMAZING. every. single. thing.

**UPDATE** thanks to fabulous commenter cassie, we now know that there is FREE SHIPPING through the end of the weekend at threepotatofour for facebook fans! friend them up, and then enter code: 3P4FBFAN @ checkout to redeem free shipping on domestic orders $50+



One response

4 12 2009

Um, ya – that website looks amazing! I just became a fan on facebook – they have free shipping all weekend… so, cheaper!

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