let it snow.

7 12 2009

so, after an unseasonably warm fall that i hoped would never end, winter has finally barged in- arms flailing, and settled in for a while (about 5 months usually). we got snow! which seemed pretty for a minute until i realized that i still don’t have a door mat, and that snow season is gravel and salt season. and that it’s cold. and slippery. and that i still don’t have appropriate winter boots.

but enough of the bad parts, i also chiseled my first ground penny out of the ice and was reminded that snow season is also prime street change season! before it started, i really thought that the summertime would pave the streets with gold. tourists with bulging fanny packs seeding the streets with their loose change…  but i was totally wrong. this summer was pretty lame for found money. i think maybe it’s the upswing in transient population- plus an increase in low-to-the-ground tourist children who never pass up a free penny. it was seriously slim pickins. slim!

but in winter, though you have to work a bit harder at it (yes, i’ve chipped a dime out of an ice block with a ball-point pen), change seems by far easier to come by.  i think because of the snow. people don’t always hear it hit the ground, or they just don’t want to be bothered to pick it up (picking up pennies with mittens on is a serious challenge!). plus, as soon as there’s a melt, the snow reveals all the change it’s been concealing for weeks! this is prime time to find quarters in front of newspaper boxes, or pools of pennies around meters. good times!

february 11th is my one year change anniversary, so i need to get collecting if i want to make an impressive showing. i stopped counting months and months ago- i wonder how much it will be? prepare yourselves for the grand reveal.

p.s. i found this funny article that calculates the value of ground money. cute, but weirdly accusing about whether or not it’s morally correct to pick up the penny (CRAZY TALK!).



2 responses

10 12 2009

Anxious to know the total! I up to 45cents. Must be alot more rich people in Maine than in Tenneessee. But please take a picture of the next time you chisel out some change -would be an excellent pic for your blog!

11 12 2009

$.45 is a good start! i know i have a least $30 in paper money (all found on the ground!), and god knows how much in change. the february giveaway will definitely be linked to guessing how much change is in the jar.

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