8 12 2009

well, the burlesque is still eating my life for another 10 days, but with lots of mindless time at the sewing machine, i’ve actually had a lot of time to think lately about what i want this blog to be and how i want things to work in the new year:

1. there’s a million websites that will tell you exactly what the deals are every week.  i’d like to be less beholden to spitting out the obvious deals that are already everywhere anyway, and spend more time focusing things that are a little more personal, and the really really extraordinary bargains.

2. i’d like to make an effort to get more interactive. i’ll be starting with my very first maine-themed (cool stuff, not crap with blueberries painted on it) give-away happening in january (i just ordered it today!). i’d like to do something monthly, but since i’m not being showered in swag by sponsors- monthly might be a little pricey. we’ll see.

3.  bring on the fashion. spending a lot of time with style bubble and lulu letty, and wanting to bring some low cost high style into play. thinking about instituting a thrifty crafty weekly column in somewhere in between wardrobe remix and wardrobe refashion.

4. debt! i need to make a more active effort to pay down my debt! expect more spending diets and crazy money-making schemes in 2010.

5. baking day experimentation. are there practical applications for monthly baking without being a christian homeschool family of 8? i think there could be! watch me wrestle with monthly meatless meal planning for 2!

that’s all i got for right now, but the ideas (some more golden than others) will continue to roll out until i’m ready to put it all into action. suggestions welcome! i’m still a little lost in this whole blogosphere place.



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8 12 2009

Awesome ideas. I don’t think you seem lost at all – give yourself some blogging props! I found you via the Coupon Goddess and it was like *waaaahhhhhbeamingangellight* – another early 30’s kidless chick who’s trying to save money! Wading through the mommy blogs (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) was not doing any favors for my singleton self-esteem. And you’re a trip!

Regarding the debt.. have you checked out consolidation? After living off of CCs while putting myself through college, I was in about as deep as you are by the time it was done. I consolidated with InCharge and just made my final monthly payment in November, so I’m totally debt free now except for student loans, which I’m cool carrying. It took 4 years, but I was seriously drowning, so it worked for me.

Now that my money is mine again, I’m trying to figure out ways to live sort of frugally (while not becoming a damn monk) so I can go after my dreams – buy a Harley and move to Maine. (Really!) I’ve gotta get up there to find myself a rugged lobsterman with a heart of gold to start a bodice-ripping romance with!

So keep it up! I’m reading! I love your deal-jockeying and budget talk.

8 12 2009

thank you! you’re exceptionally sweet (and totally made my day). i’m looking into getting a loan or a new card through my credit union in the new year so that i can plow through my debt a little more easily. i love that your dream is to buy a harley and move to maine! you will be in very good company. and i have to say, there are many many sexy single lobstermen up here to choose from. my only caution is that they do smell like low tide!

8 12 2009

I’m looking forward to your baking day experiment… my husband and I (no kids!) do eat meat but when I mention (read: laugh out loud while reading) some of the baking day main dishes, we both get a little grossed out.

8 12 2009

i’m pretty excited about it. i’m veg, but i still remember that meat is delicious (i just don’t eat it for philosophical reasons), so i am often trying to recreate veg versions of things that i love from my carnivorous past! i made faux sausage gravy and biscuits last night! hopefully my recipes will not be too alienating to the meat eaters.

10 12 2009

I would love to see how much money you do save this coming year. May have to narrow down the collecting this coming year and hit it again in 2011. Maybe start collecting coupons?Maybe some of that road change is a rare coin???
I do know how hard is to cut back on the things you love to have! Good luck and anxious to read into the new year!

11 12 2009

january will be a month of heavy assessment. i’m hoping that baking day will make a dent in the grocery budget, and i will be cutting back on clothing expense with my wardrobe refashioning project also. i don’t want to cut out all the fun stuff though! i’m always aiming to strike a balance between enjoying life and being financially prudent 🙂

2 01 2010
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21 12 2010
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