16 12 2009

sorry once again for the long absence. i got sucked into the costume hole, and am still having a hard time climbing out. i’m physically and mentally exhausted, and i’m still not even remotely happy with the end product.  actually it sucks, hard. but what’s a girl to do?

i try to make myself better by realizing that i learned something throughout this incredibly arduous process. lots of things actually:

1. just because you try really hard, doesn’t mean that what you do/make will always come out right. nobody succeeds at everything. remember that time i made cookies with confectioners sugar instead of flour, because for some reason it was in a container marked flour and somehow i managed not to taste the dough before they got put in the oven and melted all over everything? what’s that about the best laid plans?

2. there will always be some small successes, even in the most colossal of failures. a few costumes did come out well. a very few, but absolutely more than none.

3. embarrassment fades with time. remember that time that i asked that boy out on a date and he shut me down and then i got wasted on sea breezes and threw up all over my best friend’s bathroom rug? well, we can joke about it now, and we will be able to joke about the costumes too in a few weeks to a few years.

4. learn to ask for help sooner rather than later.

5. learn to let go of creative control in favor of getting things done.

6. it hurts right now, but this is a small blip amidst all the challenges that have been met and will continue to be met in the rest of my life.

7. being robbed of your life for a couple of months makes you really appreciate things like free time, friend time, sleep, and focusing on the things that you really care about. namely, this blog, my relationship, and getting my ass into medical school.

8. my decision not to apply to a masters program for costuming after getting my B.A. was the RIGHT DECISION!

9. morrissey says- do your best and don’t worry. i’m pretty sure he’s right.

anyway, thank you for being patient with me. and i promise that as of thursday night- i will officially be back on the deal seeking, coupon clipping, product reviewing, debt reducing beat. after all, i only have 9 more days to get my “gift of savings” total up to $100!

p.s. got my january giveaway item in the mail today, and it’s pretty hot stuff.



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17 12 2009

Isn’t it funny how you remember all this AFTER a trying time in your life, not conveniently before or even during when it would actually be useful. Worrying is overrated anyways. I’ve decided not to worry anymore, as long as I can remember that at the next crisis…

18 12 2009

i’m hoping that this extremely difficult experience, and the fact that i wrote it down for all to see, will help me remember those lessons. or maybe not. for right now, my plan is to avoid large projects for a few years 🙂

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