casualties of war.

20 12 2009

in freshening up my coupon stash today getting ready to throw myself back into the breach, i found $14.99 in expired extrabucks. ouch. ouch. ouch.



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20 12 2009

Eek! It’s the worst when you find expired ECBs! đŸ˜¦

20 12 2009

it’s was basically finding out that i threw away $15! i’ve been trying so hard to be conscientious this year, and the last two months have set me back completely. this really drove home the point that i need to be more careful!

20 12 2009

Oh ya, I feel so bad for you! In the beginning of November, I lost my whole CVS coupon holder – it had about $40…. that was tragic and made me almost quit altogether… but I’m back in now after Black Friday.

Just try to use as many $5/$30’s as possible and then you may start feeling a little better!

20 12 2009

devastation! i definitely would have quit for a while after that. makes my $14 look like piddly squat. but you’re right. there’s a whole ton of great ECB deals this week, and i’m just going to coupon the hell out of them and get back to where i used to be!

21 12 2009
sarah d

Ask your store if they will take them, some managers will up to a month, some won’t. Can’t hurt to ask. The only gain would be the money back. I had a small one once that i was a few days late on and that’s how i learned my store will as long as it’s less than a month.

21 12 2009

sadly, they have already been recycled. also, i’m kind of afraid to approach the checkers at my cvs. they already have me marked as a crazy coupon lady, i don’t wanna rock the boat!

21 12 2009
meet me under the mistletoe. « broke 207

[…] a coupon for free chap block… and then (just when i was feeling the hurt the worst from that $14.99 in expired ECBs), you pull through with the best week of freebies and ECB deals i’ve seen in a long long […]

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