ho ho hopeless.

21 12 2009

i’m pretty sure that rite aid is mad at me this week… admittedly, i have been fooling around with cvs pretty overtly… but not a single thing for me to get this week- NOT ONE? since i can’t talk about the things i will be getting, here’s a short list of things that i definitely DON’T WANT:

1. scary baby doll. i don’t care if it’s 50% off. there are not enough percents off in the universe to make this not terrifying.

2. um, i think it’s supposed to be a reindeer, but am i the only one whe immediately thought xmas turd with feet?

3. need i reiterate the crushing shame and disappointment of the faux-pod?

4. these truly shiteous holiday pillows. it’s rare that you can really feel the synthetic fibers through a photograph, but rite aid photographers made it work!

5. um, prunes.

6. at what point does one say “light up rock! PERFECT!”? how are these still being made?

7. will rite aid ever be done flogging the sunggie? criminal!

8. it’s got not to be applebees. or chilis, or omaha steaks. seriously, they couldn’t even find an olive garden gift card to photograph?



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22 12 2009

Rite Aid can kiss my ass this week too. CVS has been doing FAR better! Oh, and I don’t like dolls either. Creepy looking or not (that one IS) they just freak me out.

22 12 2009

9 times out of 10, baby dolls are terrifying! although that dolly on the rocking horse in the rite aid ad (take a really close look) is giving chuckie a run for his money. the good news is that i have no need to go into the rite aid this week and be around the creepiness!

22 12 2009

Do a search for Robert the Doll. Now THAT is creepy.

22 12 2009

holy crap batman. that’s some freaky shit.


22 12 2009
Coupons and Cashmere

This post takes the taco and makes you officially my new favorite blog. I nearly wet my pants laughing – good thing I didn’t purchase any of those discounted prunes.

23 12 2009

thank you! what an amazing compliment coming from someone who has a pretty sweet blog herself. you’re so right! almost nothing is less appetizing than discount prunes!

25 12 2009

The Rite Aid I work at didn’t even get the Snuggie. We got a knockoff I call the Fuggie.

25 12 2009

fuggie! you’re amazing.

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