no, i will not join your facebook.

23 12 2009

i hate facebook. hate it. i have one because of all people MY DAD guilted me into it. you know, so i can “keep in touch with the family”. but i never use it. simply put, i hate facebook for the following reasons:

1. no, i don’t want to take your pointless quiz about how well i know you, or know melrose place, or know american history…

2. no, i don’t want to find out what action movie i am- or vegetable- or whatever…

3. if i haven’t spoken to you since high school, it probably means that i don’t care anymore.

4. i really don’t care what you’re writing on your wall, or furthermore, what everyone you know has to say about it.

sure i understand the value of social networking, and as a blog or a business or a product to have a “following”, and a way to communicate to that following… but conning people into following you by giving them something free or giving them a chance to win, or asking everyone to be friends and hoping some say yes just seems so hollow.  i want people to read my blog and join my twitter because they like what i have to say- not because they’re trolling for freebies. also, i don’t need one more thing to update!!

sorry for the word vomit, i am just feeling a little overwhelmed by this lemmingesque shift to facebook flogging that all the big companies seem to have. (international delight AND stacy’s pita chips alone in the last 24ish hours!) i have no problem joining email lists, visiting websites, entering sweepstakes… it’s not about giving out my information. but i can barely force myself to talk to people i actually know on facebook- let alone having a whole bunch of crappy companies posting bullshit on their walls/my wall that i then have to hear about.  it feels like an invasion to me somehow, and i just won’t do it. my facebook is mine (for better or worse), and is reserved only for people that i actually know- now matter how sexy the coupons and freebies and sweepstakes might be.



3 responses

24 12 2009

What you said.

25 12 2009

thank you! i’m hoping that the social networking obsession will even out over time… but it might take a while. the american obsession with telling everyone what you’re doing all the time seems annoying enough to have staying power. (although i guess i’m just as bad as the rest with my incessant blogging… *shame*).

22 06 2011
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