a goddamn xmas miracle

23 12 2009

oh cvs you little minx. today was almost a disaster, another craigslist missed connection in the making. in assessing my coupon situation, i realized that i didn’t actually have a $1/1 oral b toothbrush coupon. then i got to cvs, and i realized that all the thermacare patches were long gone. since mouthwash, body wash, and floss are all sort of marginally donate-able items, and i never really wanted the lipstick… i figured i would have to let my $5/$30 go to waste and head home empty handed…

but then i saw it! smack in the middle of my local congress street ghetto cvs- A COUPON MACHINE!! i’d only ever seen them out of state, or at the rare newly built cvs. i thought that all the old stores were just shit out of luck. BUT I WAS WRONG!!! there it was, a gleaming red obelisk of perfection, sandwiched in between the sugar free candy and the hearing aid batteries. LOVE!

i decided to swipe my card before heading home- and lo and behold- $5/$15!!! holy crap- the holy grail of $/$$s!! with the mouthwash, the floss, the body wash, and a NYC lip gloss that i picked up with a $1/1 coupon from last month’s all you- my total came to $6.40 with $10 back in ECB. i paid for it with the remainer of a $25 prescription transfer gift card, so the OOP didn’t hurt at all. finally, i feel like i’m back in the game!

thanks santa. (or whoever was responsible for this xmas miracle).



4 responses

23 12 2009

Oh Baby! AN HONEST TO GOODNESS RED ONE HERE IN OUR STATE?! I can only hope they start traveling as far north as Bath. (That’s the closest CVS to us) I would have started to swoon or dance with excitedness.

23 12 2009

there’s a few in the state in stores built in the last year or so, but this is the first i’ve seen anywhere close to the portland area. it’s pretty sad, but i can’t imagine much that would have made me happier today!

24 12 2009

You deserve a big ole “CHA-CHING!” for that one. Good on ya!!

30 12 2009
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