ghosts of sham wow past.

27 12 2009

so, every now and again, i like to go back and re-read some of my old posts to see if they still pass the luggage test, or if i’m just full of shit. thanks to good ole shamwow vince, the “mysteries of the slap chop revealed” is consistently one of my top 5 posts (you guys are weird). anyhow, i was perusing the walletpop article that started it all, and as i was scrolling through the comments, i saw someone pimping the website usually i’m a little wary of people advertising their websites in such a manner, but it sounded interesting, and since it’s a lazy sweatpants wearin sunday…. i decided to check it out- and i was NOT DISAPPOINTED! basically, these guys take all the “as seen on tv” products, and test them on video. i found their reviews to be surprising (wow, magic jack is actually a pretty good product), humorous without being schticky  (one of the cons of the ped-egg was that emptying out the dead skin was kind of gross), and very thorough (apparently it takes 12 paper towels to absorb as much water as one shamwow!).  they even gave you shopping links next to the video if you wanted to buy the product. the site is simple and easy to navigate, and my only real complaint is that they don’t have a ton of content (seriously guys- step it the hell up!!). it seems like they’re pretty new, so hopefully over time they will build up more reviews.

along with saving money with coupons and deep discounts, i’m also a huge proponent of not buying garbage. it’s crazy i know, but i would much rather spend significantly more on something that is actually good quality. i find that research and reviews are one of the very best ways to do this, and i’m always happy to stump for quality resources- and these guys are one of the best that i’ve seen. (oh, and the mighty putty video made me seriously laugh out loud)

p.s. if you click on the picture, it takes you somewhere hilarious that was even slightly too offensive for me to post outright.



2 responses

28 12 2009

This shit is so fucking extreme it’ll even absorb your fucking dog! HAHAHAHAHA

28 12 2009

i know!

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