bad habits.

28 12 2009

i am an avid reader. 1001 books to read before you die avid. books are beautiful,  cheap (i rarely pay more than $2 a book- but you can even get them for free here), always an adventure… i even love the smell. as a result of my bibliophilia i’m usually reading at least 2 at any given time (right now i’m reading a vintage nancy drew- “the double jinx mystery”, and “the woman in white” by wilkie collins), but every now and again, a girl gets a hankering for a magazine. a bright, glossy, advertising laden, throw away magazine. yum.

usually this desire overwhelms me at the grocery checkout. it’s roughly the same process as convincing myself that i need a candybar:

bad allie: oooh celebrity cellulite!

good allie: it’s $4, and you can read about it on the internet.

bad allie: but what about marie osmond’s diet tips?

good allie: east less, exercise more- that’s all you need to know.

bad allie: shut the hell up, i’ve had a rough day. *tosses magazine into cart*

only to get the magazine home, spend about 30 minutes gorging myself, and then toss it into the recycle bin. two $4 magazines a month- and i’m down $100 for the year. damn! the answer to this painful affliction is simple: SUBSCRIPTIONS!

magazines don’t make their money off the cover price, they make it from their advertisers- which is exactly why subscriptions to most magazines are so cheap. every january, i subscribe to at least two magazines so that i am less tempted to toss the glossy rags into my cart on my way through the express lane.  sure, i occasionally fall of the wagon- but absolutely less than $100 worth. this year’s selections: readymade (most adorable artsy-craftsy magazine ever) & nylon (pretentious urban hipster bullshit- but so pretty!) almost always rocks my socks off with their subscription deals, but they are currently running a hot promotion where you can get and additional $5 off a whole bunch of different mags from playboy to mental floss. i got $3 off of nylon, and $5 off of readymade, making the grand total for both around $14 (which definitely leaves a little wiggle room for the occasional check-out line indescretion).

some other sexy deals:

1 year of vegetarian times for $7

1 year of dwell for $15.95

2 years of all you for $15

2 years of complex for $5

2 years of harpers bazaar for $10

oh, and a whole bunch of fucking cat magazines for people who probably don’t enjoy my blog.



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28 12 2009

Hey, i like cats. Especially my 20lb behemoth that hogs the bed… well, I don’t particularly like him when he hogs the bed but still. Oh, by the way, I bought 2 4pks of Benevia today so I’ll let you know how it is! However, I went to a birthday party at a Mexican restaurant tonight and am hopped up on tequila so THAT will have to wait til tomorrow!

28 12 2009

oh, it isn’t cats that i have a problem with, it’s “cat people”. the kind of people who would subscribe to cat fancier magazine. looking forward to your benevia experience. but in the meantime- ariba! i could use some tequila myself.

29 12 2009

Hey, I have cats…but I still like your blog…found it about a month ago…I don’t live far from Portland, so I like the local deals…anyway, not every person that likes cats is crazy…only most!

29 12 2009

but do you subscribe to cat magazines? it takes a certain type of person to take the cat fancying a bit too far. i’m talking angela from the office cat fancying… she most definitely would not enjoy my blog (but i’m glad you do!).

29 12 2009

OK, my first Benevia experience….
I’m drinking (slowly) one of the Strength & Energy ones. It is a cranberry lemon flavor and it is not sweet. Well, it’s sweet but it has one hell of a bite to it. I don’t particularly like it. The other one I got is the Heart Health one which is a pineapple lulo flavor. WTF is a lulo anyway:? I’ll let you know how that one is.

29 12 2009

weird. my money was on too sweet, or too chemically, or any combination of both. sour was not even on my radar. according to my research (ummm… wikipedia) lulo is a south & central american fruit that tastes somewhere between rhubarb & lime (gross). looks like you’re in for another sour one. is it actually made of fruit, or is it just “fruit flavored”? the good news is that it was free.

29 12 2009
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