cheap eats- micucci love.

30 12 2009

apparently, the michelin man has high end tastes. i stumbled upon this video on today, and it made me think about all the really great food out there that isn’t being appropriately appreciated because it isn’t expensive. higher cost does not necessarily always mean higher quality- especially when it comes to food.  now, i am a girl who will pay $50 or more for a really good meal and not bat an eyelash (food is one of the things that makes life worth living, and i won’t sacrifice!)- but there are also some amazing finds in this town that will knock you stupid with their deliciousness without robbing you completely blind.

for my first love fest, i would like to recognize not only the best pizza in town, but the best pizza i’ve ever had- EVER. and frankly, some of the very best food in general that Portland has to offer. of course, i am referring to the notorious “sicilian slab” at the micucci grocery store on india st.

micucci’s is a great place to visit if you’re in the neighborhood, with it’s incredible selection of italian foods from pickled eggplant to spumoni. they even have their own deli. they also make the only passable cannolis i’ve ever found in maine (anyone help me out here?). however, if you’re not in the mood for browsing the torrone- take a right at the meat slicer, and head on back to the bakery area. there you will find 2 very small tables, and one large metal rack full of deliciousness. or possibly not- shit sells out LIGHTNING FAST! be prepared to wait in line. be prepared for people pick a fight with anyone suspected of cutting in that line, or taking more pieces than they deserve. the sicilian slab is so amazing, that it makes people batshit crazy. some things you should know to avoid any potential fist fights or faux pas:

1. the sicilian slab comes in one flavor- plain cheese. you don’t need anything else.  under no circumstance should you complain about this- and for the love of god,  don’t ask for toppings!

2. do not ask the micucci staff to reheat the pizza if it is cold. it is almost as good cold as it is warm, but if you really want it hot- get your ass there early and wait in line (usually, the only cold ones happen at the very end of the day). or, get a cold one and reheat it yourself (you lazy jerk).

3.  if there is a line when you arrive, quietly go to the back. a paper plate on the pizza rack will tell you how much time you have to wait. under no circumstance should you ask the chef or kitchen staff when things will be ready.

4. if you are at the front of the line, take the first piece of pizza that comes out- no matter what. i’m sorry if the next piece looks better- they’re all delicious, suck it up and move along.

5. if you need more than 2 slices, make your friends come with you to get their own- or call ahead to order a whole pie. if you would like to try to grab more than 2 (especially around lunch time when the lines are the longest)- go ahead, get shanked, be my guest…

i don’t lie. words can not describe how supernaturally amazing this pizza tastes. it’s not a meal, it’s a fucking religious experience. actually, it’s also a meal- a big meal that will last you all day. and for the low low price of $4.50, i defy you to find a lunch on the peninsula that tastes better.

*go! go now!!*

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31 12 2009

Oh, now that’s just not fair! Must. Have. Sicilian. Slab.

And.. is that a My So-Called Life reference at the end..!?

31 12 2009

if you were to drive all night for days just to get a slab, it might be worth it. i’m not joking when i say “religious experience”. oh, and that was an entirely unintentional MSCL reference. maybe it’s just so ingrained in my psyche…

31 12 2009

Ugh, just so you know, next time I get to Maine (it’s been far too long since the last time I was there) you have to take me for that pizza! Sounds so good! And I am drinking the Heart Health Benevia right now. The pineapple lulo flavor is MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the cranberry lemon. I would not pay 9 bucks for a 4pack of the stuff but if I could get it for free or really cheap I would purchase it again. My only complaint is it leaves this chalky kind of feeling in your mouth but it’s got all kinds of good for you stuff in it so I guess that’s to be expected. Have a Happy New Year!

31 12 2009

not that i want to share my secret with the tourists (blasphemy!), but sometimes i just want to yell out: “drop that lobster roll and get yourself some real food!”. glad to hear that the pineapple lulo is treating you a little better. next time it’s on super sale, i might have to give it a try…

31 12 2009

One woman on A Full Cup said her husband said the cranberry lemon tasted like nail polish remover. I would have to agree.

1 01 2010

yum. it makes me wonder how some of this crap gets through the product testing stage!

30 05 2010
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Annie Finch

you got it!!

30 07 2010
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11 12 2010
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