baking day 1.0 part 2- disaster strikes!

5 01 2010

i suppose that this is just the universe’s way of shaming me for stretching my baking day into 2 days… sunday worked out so well, but last night everything fell apart.


1. my vegan pulled pork is really bland and gross (who would have thought!). thanks for nothing vegetarian times, the seitan would have been more flavorful covered in ketchup. i have attempted to salvage the batch by adding: vegetarian worcestershire, brown sugar, and spicy brown mustard. i also let the portions sit in the fridge overnight to marinate. hoping for the best. will cover in commercial bbq sauce if necessary.

2. my cornbread weighs 300 lbs. once again, screw you allrecipes. i figured that a recipe with 5 stars and 1,392 reviews couldn’t possibly go wrong.  admittedly, i should have suspected a problem when the first step was to melt 2 STICKS OF BUTTER! so dense, so sweet, so greasy. needless to say, the boyfriend loved it, but i’ll definitely be looking for a slightly less decadent recipe for the next trip around the block.

3. my mushroom gravy is too tangy. i think i put in too much cooking sherry and not enough butter.  it’s passable, but not quite right. i reduced the shit out of it and have hope that it will mellow in the freezer. if not, it can mellow in the trash can.

4. my biscuits are flat. i ran out of bisquick, so i only had enough to make one batch. also, my biscuit cutter is slightly too large. i barely got 9 sad flat biscuits out of the deal.

5. my pizza dough doesn’t exist. by around 9 pm- covered in barbecue splatter and desperately needing a cocktail, i decided to give up the ship. fuck the pizza dough! i will make it someday (next month?), but i declare baking day 1.0 officially closed!

actually, the only thing that didn’t go tits up was the spaghetti sauce.

in general, i like to approach new experiences with the “sometimes you have to do it completely wrong first, in order to figure out how to do it right” mentality. i mean, who really gets things perfect right out of the gate? and if there are people who do, those people are assholes and we hate them.

final freezer shot:



3 responses

6 01 2010

OMG you crack me up! Thanks for the laugh today!

6 01 2010

thanks! i’m trying (although i do often worry that i’m the only one that think i’m funny).

29 01 2010
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