post-weekend pickthrough- barfs edition

10 01 2010

on account of the barfing, i didn’t get a chance to do the weekend pickthrough on friday like i’m supposed to- so i present you with this slightly abbreviated and slighly delayed version:

don’t get sick! seasonal flu clinics are in action in portland maine, and they’re free for the uninsured (or practically uninsured). $10 for everyone else.

annie’s mac and cheese for cheap cheap cheap!

so being sick is really boring. after the first day of writhing in pain was over, two days of weakness and lethargy ensued. i watched like 6 movies, and played this for HOURS AND HOURS. it’s kind of amazing. better than brain age, and you don’t need a nintendo ds. so good that i might just pay the $6.70 a month to keep my lobes in shape.

my shaw’s deal is looking a little wilted in comparison. i must make her my coupon sensei!

i love trash tv, and conveyor belt of love is my new favorite show. too bad that it’s not actually on the regular tv schedule yet. check out the clips, and guess which one of the dudes is actually a transgender performance artist- brilliance!

get ready for snow at rock bottom prices. (plus it’s really good exercise).



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