a little round table discussion.

13 01 2010

so after my little fashion meltdown yesterday, the very lovely julie hooked me up with a totally amazing online shopping website that i’d never heard of before (i thought i’d heard of everything!). it’s called ruche, and it has an anthropologie-ish feel, while being remarkably cheaper. anyway, it set me to wondering what other awesome shopping websites are there out there that i don’t know about.  that’s where you come in. i thought it would be cool to make list to put up in my list factory section of all the best places we can think of to get nice looking clothes for not too much money. the rules are as follows:

1. no skankwear!

2. sitewide prices should on average be no higher than $100 for a dress or coat.

3. lesser known websites please! (everybody already knows about target)

just to get you started, here are a few of my favorites:


fred flare




now GO! GO! GO!



2 responses

14 01 2010

Yay for cool sites!

http://www.modcloth.com is another good one, though it can skew a liiiittle bit young. Lots of good stuff, though. And you can even vote on proposed designs to determine which ones get made and sold on the site. Woo, democracy!

14 01 2010

LOVE LOVE! a little young isn’t so bad. it’s hard to find shops that have inexpensive clothing exclusively geared toward adults (unless you’re wanting acrylic mock turtlenecks from sears). it’s like the universe thinks that as we grow up we either get rich or lose all sense of style. tragic!

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